【学术报告】加拿大约克大学Pouya Rezai副教授讲座通知
2019-06-13 14:49   无人系统技术研究院 审核人:   (点击: )

报告题目:Multiphase flow microfluidics and applications to bioseparation

and drug screening

报告人:Pouya Rezai副教授







报告简介:Almost everything that you can imagine is either a multiphase fluid or interacts with a fluid. Health related examples include circulating tumor cells in blood, infectious microorganisms in food, and rare invading toxicants and heavy metals in water. Detection and monitoring of these analytes are of high interest in biomedical engineering research. Our lab is interested in the fundamental science and engineering of multiphase fluids from sorting and separation of microorganisms in Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, to manipulation, chemical exposure and neurobehavioral screening of small-scale model organisms of neurodegenerative diseases. In my talk, I will provide you with some basic concepts of microparticles hydrodynamics in microfluidic channels, exploiting the advantages of channel design and passive and active forces to achieve sorting and separation of particles based on their size and inherent properties. I will also show some applications of our research in (1) separation of bacteria in water and viscoelastic fluids and (2) manipulation of small-scale organisms such as C. elegans, D. melanogaster, and D. rerio in Lab-on-a-Chip electro-fluidic devices to study Parkinson’s disease at early stages of development.

报告人简介:Dr. Pouya Rezai, Associate Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, York University, the director of the Advanced Center for Microfluidic Technology and Engineering, Graduate Program Director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and the bulletin Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering. His research interest is understanding of interactions between fluids and nano- to micro-scale biological substances in their micro-environment habitats using biomimetic microfluidic devices. He has presented and published many papers in prestigious international conferences and top-tier journals with his research recognized by awards and recognitions including cover articles and interviews at Soft Matter and Lab-on-a-Chip journals.